To regularly review the economic situation of the State and inform the State government along with the appropriate suggestions.

   To collect , compile, analyse the data and publish the reports related to various socio-economic subjects for the Economic Planning of the State.

   To provide requisite help in the planning process of the State.

   To furnish data/information to various Central & State Government departments as per their requirements.

   To co-ordinate and give it a logical & reasonable direction to the statistical works of various state government departments.

   To provide help in collecting, verifying and monitoring various on going development schemes

   To formulate and monitor the progress of district plans.


          The main activities performed by this organization to fulfill the above objectives are as follows:-

1-   Conduct National Sample Surveys on matching basis with National Sample Survey Organization, Govt. of India and analyze the data so collected and publish the reports.

2-   Conduct Annual Survey of Industries in collaboration with the Central Statistical Organization (CSO), Govt. of India, pool both the central and state level data sets of their respective samples, analyze the same and publish the reports.

3-   Collect Industrial Production Data from selected industries/factories and prepare the quarterly index of Industrial Production.

4-   Collect data and prepare the estimates of State Domestic Product in close collaboration with CSO.

5-   Collect data and prepare the estimates of District Domestic Product in close collaboration with CSO.

6-   Economic and Functional Classification of the State Govt's  Annual Budget.

7-   Annually collect / compile the data from Local Bodies relating to Income, Expenditure, Employment and Sanitary Services, compile the data so collected and   publish the corresponding reports.

8-   Economic and Functional Classification of Annual Budget of Local Bodies.

9-   Collect and compile the data for monitoring of Price Behaviour of 47 Essential Commodities on Weekly Basis.

10- Collect, compile and analyze the Wholesale/ Retail Prices of agricultural and industrial commodities and prepare monthly wholesale and consumer price indices. The same is published on quarterly basis.

11- Collect, Compile and Analyze the wage rates of selected types of skilled and unskilled laborers in rural and urban areas and prepare quarterly Indices.

12- Collect and compile the monthly data related to the progress of Community Development Programmes and prepare the corresponding state level progress report.

13- Conduct spot verification/ evaluation studies of various development programmes and publish the corresponding reports.

14- Collect and compile the Housing Statistics as per the requirements of the National Building Organization, Govt of India.

15- Conduct Economic Census and other adhoc Surveys as per the requirements of the Central and State Government.

16- Prepare District Plans under the guidance of State Planning Commission of UP.

17- Coordinate and monitor the works of Ambedkar Gram Sabha Vikas Yojna at the district/divisional level offices of the department.

18- Coordinate and monitor the works of Twenty Point Programmes at the district/divisional level offices of the department.

19- To function as a clearing house of important Statistics collected and maintained by different departments of the state government.

20- Collect the official Statistics from various Government Departments/Agencies and present it in the form of publications which are listed      below:-

       (i)  District wise Economic Indicators.

       (ii) State Statistical Abstract.

       (iii) Inter-State Comparative Statistics.

       (iv) District and Divisional Sankhyakiya Patrika

       (v) District and Divisional Statistical Handbooks & the State Statistical Diary.

       (vi) U.P. at a Glance (in figures).

       (vii) State Economic Review.

       (viii)District & Divisional Socio-Economic Reviews on  annual basis.