List of Softwares



1. Download NSS 77th Round Data Entry Software(e-schedule)  
2. Download NSS 76th Round Data Entry Software(e-schedule)  
3. Download NSS 75th Phase-3 Data Validation Software  
4. Download NSS 75th Phase-1&2 Data Validation Software  

5. Download NSS 75th Data Entry Software

1. ASI 2013-14 Data Entry & Validation Software

6. Download_NSS 74_Phase-3 (Howler)_Data_Validation_Software  
7. Revised_NSS74_Phase-1_Data_Validation_Software


8. Download NSS 74 Data Entry Software


9. Download NSS 73 Phase-2&3 Validation Software


10. Download NSS 73 Phase-1 Validation Software


11. NSS 73_Data Entry Full Sample list & NSS 73 and  NSS 72nd Ph-2 & Ph-3 Validation  Software

12. NSS72nd RoundPhase1 Data Validation software CDWMPR
13. NSS72 Data Entry Software


14. NSS 71st Round Ph-2 & Ph-3 Data Validation Software


15. NSS 71st Data validation Software  
16. NSS 71st Round Data Entry Software  

Local Body

1.Download Revised Local Body Data Entry & Validation Software 2016-17 Revised on 19-02-18

 1. Download Revised PSMS5 Data Entry Software(Revised on 18-1-2017)

2.Download Revised Local Body Data Entry & Validation Software 2017-18 Revised on 05-11-18


      2. Download Revised PSMS5 Data Validation Software(Revised on 07-03-2017)