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Sankhyikiya Patrika (SP) is an important annual publication  of Economics & Statistics Division (ESD) of Planning Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh. It is published  by Divisional Deputy Director,  District Economics and Statistics Officer and Block offices. These publications are having information on more than 3500 parameters at village, village panchayat, block, district, division and state level in the  form  of more than 100 tables/subtables. Zila Sankhyikiya Patrika (ZSP)  is published annually  for all the districts since the year 1976. Changes have been incorporated from time to time. Information related to 18 socio-economics sectors are published.  Table 1  contains general information on basic data of district, Table 2 A & B contain information on important socio-economic indicators. In Table 3A block wise indicators on important parameters and in Table 3B same indicators are published in ascending order.  In Table 4 to 62 information related to Area & Population, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Co-operation, Industry, General Education and Social Welfare, Health and Family Welfare, Power, Transport and Communication, Institutional Finance, Water Supply, Panchayati Raj, Prices of Commodities and  miscellaneous are published.  In Table-63 A, Town wise population and in Table-63 B, Facilities available in the Urban Area are published based on censuses.  In Table-64 distribution of villages according to distance from different infrastructural  facilities available,  in Table-65 number of rest houses, in Table-66 number of  printing presses and in the table-67 number of Newspapers, Magazines & Books published in different languages  are published. Divisional Sankhyikiya Patrika (DSP) is published annually in every division since the year 1981 by consolidating the district level information falling within the respective division.. It contains  all the tables of ZSP except 2  tables  based on rural/urban retail rates of essential commodities. In ZSP 3 years district information and current year block wise information is published while in DSP 3 years divisional information and current year district wise information is published. Block Sankhyikiya Patrika  (BSP) is being published manually from the year 2004 while the village wise informations are collected from the year 1973. Publication  of  SP was started from the year 1995 through the  software developed by NIC  in the  Offices of Divisional Deputy Director/District Economics and Statistics Officer with the help of NIC District Centres. Its publication was carried out through the  window based software on the systems provided to Planning Department on the pilot basis by NIC, Planning Commission, GOI, from the years 2000  to 2003.  Publication  of SP is being done through  web based software,  SPIDER (Sankhyikiya Patrika, Internet  Based Data Entry and Retrieval System)  from the year 2004 and afterwards.  Currently  SP for  the years 1995 to 2007 are available on the website and preparation of 2008 is under progress. SPs upto the years 2004 are available  based on  census 1991 and afterwards based on  census 2001. A module  “Map Based Patrika” is also available in SPIDER  through which block and district level data of last 13 years on different parameters can  be viewed  simultaneously and time series analysis can be done. A query system based on SP is also available through which  village, block, district and state level information can be viewed on 24X7 basis. SP data are used in preparation of Planning Atlas, Uttar Pradesh from the year 2003 and District Planning Atlas  from the year 2006  using GIS techniques. These Atlases  can be viewed through the website (http://planning.up.nic.in) of Planning Department. SP data are very useful in pattern analysis and in decision  making using Data Warehouse and Data Mining techniques. Data published in SP are  used by Economists, Planners, Policy Makers, Administrators, Researchers and in plan formulation.. This is very useful for  block/district level planning and inter-block/inter-district comparison  due to availability of block and district level data. The recent democratic decentralization process initiated by the 73rd and 74th Amendments of the Constitution of India giving a greater responsibilities and powers to the Panchayats and Nagar Palikas as the third tier of governance, offers a new window of opportunity for local planning, effective implementation and monitoring of various socio-economic development programmes in the country at the local levels. In this scenario SP data are very useful in decentralized planning at  district, block and village panchayat level. Due to availability of SP from the year 2005 on the internet through the website of Planning Department its usage  has been  increased and users now can get desired information very quickly and easily form any where at any time.

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