13th Finance Commission grant-in-aid recommendations for improvement in State and District level Statistical system

Introduction, Objective & Guidelines

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Guidelines for Release and Utilisation of Grant-in-Aid View File
Eligibility Criteria for Release of funds View File

Approval Of Expenditure Plan

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Original Plan (Approval by HLMC) View File
Original Plan (Approval by GOI) View File
Revised Plan (Approval by HLMC) View File
Revised Plan (Approval by GOI) View File

Expenditure Plan Details

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Release of Funds

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1st Installment (By GoI) View File
1st Installment (By GoUP) View File
2nd Installment (By GoI) View File
2nd Installment (By GoUP) View File

Revalidation of Funds-2015-16

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Revalidation of Funds-2015-16 (By GoUP) View File

Physical/Financial Progress of activities undertaken by grants recommended by 13th Finance Commission for the state Uttar Pradesh

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Financial Year 2011-12 View File
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Major Activities Undertaken

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Preparation of Business register Under 7 Acts Instruction & Schedule Canvassed
Updation Of Business Register under 10 Acts Instruction & Schedule Canvassed
Report based on State consolidated Business Register (7 Acts and 10 Acts) View Report
Local bodies - Survey Instructions Survey Instructions
Local bodies - Tables Tables
Collection of farm activity data Report
Pooling of state and central sample data Report
Training of State Officials Details
Unorganized Manufacturing Sector Enterprises Instruction & Schedule Canvassed
Unorganized Manufacturing Sector Enterprises Report