13th Finance Commission grant- in- aid recommendations for improvement  in State and District level  Statistical system
S.No. Particulars
       Introduction, Objective & Guidelines
1 13th Finance Commission recommendations
2 Guidelines for Release and Utilisation of Grant-in-Aid
3 Eligibility Criteria for Release of funds
Approval Of Expenditure Plan
i Original Plan                  Approval by HLMC                    Approval by GOI
ii Revised Plan                     Approval by HLMC                     Approval by GOI
Expenditure Plan Details
  Original Plan                                                           Revised Plan
Release of Funds
a 1st Installment                                    By GoI                                             By GoUP
b 2nd  Installment                                  By GoI                                             By GoUP
  Revalidation of Funds-2015-16                      By GoUP

Physical/Financial Progress of activities undertaken by grants recommended by 13th Finance Commission for the state Uttar Pradesh

(i) Financial Year          2011-12 
(ii) Financial Year          2012-13
(iii) Financial Year          2013-14
(iV) Financial Year          2014-15
(V) Financial Year          2015-16
Major Activities Undertaken
1 Preparation of Business register
(a)            Business Register Under 7 Acts                                  Instruction  & Schedule Canvassed             
(b)            Updation Of  Business Register under 10 Acts       Instruction & Schedule Canvassed

                  Report based on State consolidated Business Register (7 Acts and 10 Acts)


          Local bodies survey                                 Instructions               Tables                Report

3 Collection of farm activity data                                       Report
4 Pooling of state and central sample data                     Report
5 Training of State Officials                                                  Details
6 Unorganized Manufacturing Sector Enterprises  
  Instruction &  Schedule Canvassed        Report